We feel it's better to laugh about Bad Reviews rather than to take them seriously....

I did not enjoy this one! The singer isn’t very good, too raspy. NOT GOOD SINGING TECHNIQUE!! The guitar is mediocre, the beat is okay. Will not be listening to this ever again. Plus the lyrics make no sense and should have never ever been written!!
— #MomsBasement
This country like song is very annoying to listen to. The rhythm of the song is not fun - this genre is not to my liking. I believe that such artists should not be given the spotlight. The tone of the song is depressing to me. The vocals of the singer makes me feel like I want to rip my ears off. Dear artist - stop singing - you are destroying a generation.
— #No1Tween
His music reminds me a lot of Kid Rock.
— #MyNameIsKid
The beginning of the song grates on my nerves with the woman woo hooing. I was then suprised that a man started singing. Then when they sing together it was awful. This song could be good without the woman’s vocal.
— #NotaWooHooFan
It’s a little bland to me not to be mean but it sounded a little dull and like a depressing poorly made light rock song. The lyrics were not exciting to me at all either. It didn’t really make me want to get up and dance or sing along and that’s what matters most to me.
— #DanceQueen
The intro sounds like a Bruce Springsteen song. I am not a fan of the beat or vocals in this song. It sounds vaugely country, but not in a good way. It is a total ripoff of every Fleetwood Mac song from the 80’s. This is not my favorite.
— #StevieforPRES